Parenting In Our Digital Age 1

We are living in very interesting times. With the current digital dispensation with uncountable possibilities, new parenting challenges have emerged. Every parent of this age and time acknowledges that things are never the same as they used to be. Gone are the days of laid back parenting. Gone are the days of ignorance. Gone are… Continue Reading

Attention All Adults I

There are more children being abducted and sold into some crazed sorted type of slavery today than ever before. These children are ranging in age from the time they start school at 5 or 6 years old to their early 20’s. The reason for this type of crime that has risen over the years is… Continue Reading

Attention All Adults II

Keeping other adults or even children aware as to what is happening to a child can help in the prevention of your child disappearing for possibly decades or life. After all no child wants to be taken away from their parent without their consent therefore children who learn the art of making a scene when… Continue Reading

Part I The Holidays

One of the biggest delights for an adult is to become a parent. This is especially true around the holidays because it is at this time of the year that children become overly excited about receiving gifts and spending time with relatives that they have not seen most likely since a summer family reunion. Even… Continue Reading

Part II The Holidays

That is why parenting is so important because it takes a strong willed adult to teach their child about the beliefs of not only what they celebrate but about other people’s beliefs also. This is also the reason as to why it takes a special type of person to be a true parent because only… Continue Reading

Parenting and pregnancy

Parenting and pregnancy go hand in hand because from the moment that you find out you are pregnant you become a parent. That is you become a parent of an unborn child and although that sounds like easy parenting compared to when the child is actually born it is just as difficult a road. The… Continue Reading

Health Is Vital To Human Race

Health is a pertinent factor that everyone should put into consideration if he or she needs to live long. The challenge here might be how to remain in a perfect health position. This is because there are many things that prove to be a hindrance to the above phenomenon. Some of the factors that might… Continue Reading

Help A Child

Abuse comes in many forms and for children it can be even more detrimental to them overall. That is because children take in all of their life’s experiences and develop their own frame of thought in how the world actually works. This tends to be why there are some young people that have a positive… Continue Reading

A Given Name

Children are taught that their identity is the most important factor in their life growing up. Which is why more parents are putting serious thought into naming their children. This is also the reason as to why many parents become offended whenever someone decides to give their child a nickname instead of calling him by… Continue Reading