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Tips For Teen Halloween Party

Teen Halloween party would be incomplete without scary games. The traditional bloody mary game, Ouija boards, murder mystery and witch party games still hold a great place in teen hearts. You can decorate the party space with Halloween decor for getting better visual effects. There a quite a number of online games too, that can… Continue Reading

Parents and Adolescents

The parents’ role in the total sex education process is of critical importance, and parents need help in playing their important roles as educators and sharers of information about reproduction and responsible sexual patterns with their elementary school-age children. When children become adolescents, however, parents must be helped to accept the fact that, in this… Continue Reading

Hazards to Creative Growth

Among the outside influences that parents and teachers need to watch for possible hazards to the child’s creative growth, television has the greatest potentialities. This medium has tremendous possibilities for promoting rich creative activity both at home and in school, and it is unfortunate that programs which teach imitation, copying, or drawing by trick are… Continue Reading

Art in Adolescence

In early adolescence both skill and perception develop rapidly. The teenager reveals increasing ability to learn fat and to master techniques, but most of all his ideas become more profound and complex. He wants to express all kinds of things about himself, his friends, his experiences, about society and the world. Adolescence is the most… Continue Reading

Learning English at Early Ages

Young children have more learning skills and they are more language acquirer as compare to adults. They are more self-motivated to pick up and understand language without unconscious, unlike adults. They have excellent ability for pronunciation, feel for the language and culture, they work out rules themselves with due deliberation. Adults learn English at academic… Continue Reading

They Don’t Listen—but They Hear

They Don’t Listen—but They Hear                 Practically speaking, these boys and girls soak up a great deal of guidance.  They tend to become restless when being talked at, and they appreciate having a glance take the place of a sermon.  They try to free themselves from parents’ control over their behavior.  They feel strong in… Continue Reading