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Getting back into shape after pregnancy

Pregnancy is bliss, and every woman remembers this experience for her entire life. Women undergo immense physical, mental and psychological changes during this time; however physical change is the most visible part of pregnancy. Because of strange cravings and uncontrollable urge for different foods women grow out of their regular shape and it becomes a… Continue Reading

When your teen having a baby

If your daughter is pregnant in teen ages and planning for having a baby, there are many changes awaiting your family. It is unexpected for parents and it happen on every next day, nearly 1 million teen age girl give birth to their babies in United States. If your daughter is going to be a… Continue Reading

Be Careful Drinking Coffee for Pregnant Women

pregnant women should not drink coffee carelessly, because too much caffeine can actually harm the womb and the heart. Under normal conditions, the effects of caffeine will begin to decrease within 5 hours since entry into the body. However, in certain circumstances such as in pregnant women, part-time or time decay in the body can… Continue Reading

Understanding Cholesterol

CHOLESTEROL Cholesterol (technically known as a sterol) is a substance found in animal fats and oils, nervous tissues, bile, blood and egg yolks. It has been found that people who suffer from diseases related to the arteries have a higher than average concentration of plasma cholesterol, and it has therefore been thought that an increased… Continue Reading

Learning about Progesterone

PROGESTERONE There are two major types of female sex hormones that are secreted by the ovary. Progesterone is the main one of the progesterone group. During the menstrual cycle, progesterone—along with the hormone oestrogens—is secreted by the “corpus luteum” which is naturally developed in the ovarian follicle after ovulation. And it is the decline of… Continue Reading

When a family member suffers from Flatulence

FLATULENCE Flatulence is commonly known as a “fart” or “breaking wind”. But in reality, the term “flatulence” is basically a presence of gas in the stomach or intestines. It is a natural thing to swallow air, and so will naturally create air pockets or “gas” in the digestive tract. But in most cases, flatulence is… Continue Reading

For you moms to be

Pregnancy is the most beautiful stage of life.You know you are bringing another living being of your kind into this world.Many of you will be excited in different ways,eating the right foods,working out or even singing to your own tummy.I’m sure these nine months with a big stomach is all worth the best joys in… Continue Reading

Know about Claustrophobia and its symptoms

Claustrophobia is the intense fear of closed spaces or of being shut in. it is natural for us to feel a fear of confined spaces since there may be circumstances that face us with being trapped either in a narrow cave passage, or a car wreck, a closet or a small room from which the… Continue Reading

Mobile Phone Radiation Triggers Behavioral Disorders in Children

The controversy surrounding the negative effects of mobile phone radiation does not seem to be ending. After not been proven to increase the risk of cancer, is now alleged that radiation triggers behavioral disorders in children. Greatest risk is experienced by the children who are accustomed to using mobile phones since a young age. Even… Continue Reading