A Given Name

Children are taught that their identity is the most important factor in their life growing up. Which is why more parents are putting serious thought into naming their children. This is also the reason as to why many parents become offended whenever someone decides to give their child a nickname instead of calling him by the name that was given at birth. Although parents may find this offensive they should take into consideration the nickname that their loved ones are giving to their child. That is because as children get older they may decide that they do not care for their birth given name and without a nickname already in place they may choose a name for themselves that they are willing to answer to which may be worse than the child hood nickname. Even though parents should instill in their children the pride that they should have within themselves they should also realize that children will grow into having their own sense of identity and will one day decide that their given name is not good enough maybe to the point that when they become an adult they will change the name legally so that the name given by the parents never mattered in the first place.

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