Help A Child

Abuse comes in many forms and for children it can be even more detrimental to them overall. That is because children take in all of their life’s experiences and develop their own frame of thought in how the world actually works. This tends to be why there are some young people that have a positive outlook on life while others see the world as a dangerous and uncaring place to reside. It is the responsibility of every adult to keep children safe from any type of abuse and whether it is the parent or a stranger if the adult does not take the necessary action to protect the child while they are young how can we expect the child to grow up and want to be a positive part of this society? Many children are overlooked when it comes to abuse by adults because they see it as the only possible to discipline a child. However, children are aware that they are being mistreated but the problem with that is they will learn not to trust anyone because no one has come to their aid when they were in need. This type of cycle has been repeated for many generations and can easily come to an end by simply stepping in to help a defenseless child in their time of need.

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