Part I The Holidays

One of the biggest delights for an adult is to become a parent. This is especially true around the holidays because it is at this time of the year that children become overly excited about receiving gifts and spending time with relatives that they have not seen most likely since a summer family reunion. Even though this is a delightful time of year for everyone no one enjoys it more than a parent who is able to give their child everything that he asks for on his Christmas wish list. As a parent even if you are able to handle the wish list without a problem financially you should ensure that you are teaching your child about the meaning of the entire celebration of what the holidays are about. After all as a parent it is your responsibility to ensure that your child grows up knowledgeable about life and the holidays are an important part of everyone’s life no matter what their belief is at the time. Making your child believe that the holidays are just about receiving presents will cause him to grow up not having a real understanding about the holidays which can cause him to have social problems later on in life.

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