Attention All Adults II

Keeping other adults or even children aware as to what is happening to a child can help in the prevention of your child disappearing for possibly decades or life. After all no child wants to be taken away from their parent without their consent therefore children who learn the art of making a scene when someone is possibly trying to harm them can be saved in one way or another. As the parent we must always remember that it is our job to protect not only our own birthed child but also those around us who may be inn danger. Although danger is lurking around every corner for everyone at some point in their life children are more likely to be either hurt or abducted than any adult. That is because children do not have a strong voice and so society tends to forget about them until an incident hots home at which time then there is a manhunt organized trying to find the child that is not at home with his loved ones. It is for this reason that active parenting should be implemented in any home that is not already ensuring that the children are safe and teaching children how to be safe on their own when their caregiver is not around to save them at the time.

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