Attention All Adults I

There are more children being abducted and sold into some crazed sorted type of slavery today than ever before. These children are ranging in age from the time they start school at 5 or 6 years old to their early 20’s. The reason for this type of crime that has risen over the years is unknown but parents should be on the look out for any possible danger that their child may be around. This type of danger can be an adult that the child knows or is even related to or possibly a stranger that has happened upon the child at a vulnerable moment in the time of the unsuspecting child’s day. It is for this reason that parents need to ensure that they teach their children how to protect themselves the best way possible when someone is trying to take them away from where they are standing without their own consent. In fact many parents need to teach their child that no matter what they are not to go anywhere with anyone without seeing their parent standing there at the time. By being this cautious children will be more apt to let others around them know what is exactly going on.

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